Portland Road Subdivision

CCNZ HYNDS Construction Award winning subdivision groundworks

Winner of the 2022 Category C award (Any company turnover, Projects between Warkworth and Pokeno valued $0 – $20 million) at the Auckland CCNZ HYNDS Construction Awards

Portland Road was a major stepping stone for Groundfix, taking on a full development package of works. This project had it all – large portion of design & build scope, piling, soil nails, meshing, earthworks, steel fixing, shotcrete, retaining structures. This was all managed and completed entirely in-house by Groundfix.

In order to construct a palisade wall along the back edge of the property Groundfix designed and constructed a 6m high MSE wall as temporary works to provide a piling platform. The palisade wall was constructed halfway up the steep bank which resulted in a larger foot print for the building platform once reduced level excavation was completed. Piles comprised of 10m deep, 600mm diameter concrete reinforced piles.

Once the palisade wall was complete this allowed the Groundfix crew to undertake bulk excavation and lower retaining walls to finish with a flat building platform ready for multiple new dwellings.

Restricted access & piling
Ground anchors & micropiles

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